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MASSIMO VOGER MOTORRAD Voger features a vintage look with clean color options and 250CC raw power. From the dark and menacing growl to the slender construction, Voger is the military motorcycle. VITACCI GTO 250CC SPORT BIKE EFI, ELECTRIC START 2 CYLINDERS, 4 STROKE, WATER COOLING – Available in CrateModel high performance 250cc (equivalent to 350cc engine power) NOTE: If you are one. New for 2019! Roketa MC-141 Chopper Sport Bike 250cc 5 speeds $2100 Includes shipping to most locations Copyright and TrademarkAll web copies, videos, images, text and graphics on this website are protected by copyright and are the intellectual property of “ntxpowersports”. You may not reproduce the images, text or graphics contained on this website for any purpose without express written permission. All rights reserved. Permission to use the information contained on this website is limited to what is necessary to enable you to determine your interest in the products displayed and to assist you in your decision to purchase a product on this website. If any of our information, including images, videos, web text and shopping software, etc., is taken without written permission, you will directly violate our trademarks and will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Privacy PolicyWe acknowledge that you may be concerned about the collection, use and disclosure of personal information that you are required to disclose when purchasing or browsing this website.

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If you are concerned about your privacy, delete the cookie file after using the website (see help information for your Internet browser). Credit Card ChargebacksBy purchasing a product from ntxpowersport, after shipment of that product, you agree to waive your right to refund your credit card in all circumstances and to deal with any issues in accordance with all of our policies. The chargeback process is expensive and time-consuming for the dealer and issues can be resolved efficiently by allowing our team to work with you. The first step is always to contact ntxpowersports01@gmail.comPrice compatibilityThe price guarantee means that we adjust a competitor`s price as long as the competitor`s offer is proven in writing by letter or on the current websitePrice match must include shipping the itemOffer is from an authorized resellerThe product(s) are in stockThe competitor`s offer is not a promotional sale or priceThe offer does not violate the minimum price advertised by the manufacturerThe price adjustment must be made prior to salePrice match will not be recognized for Value Packs or free promotional items. Item ColorsWe offer you two color options when ordering if your first color choice is out of stock. If both of your colors are out of stock, you will be contacted by a member of our team to discuss more options. Vehicles sold as “Refurbished” or on “Clearance”; for vehicles sold as “Refurbished” or “Clearance”, ntxpowersport has made reasonable efforts to best describe the external and mechanical condition. When purchasing these units, buyer acknowledges that the vehicle is sold “as is”, without any express or implied warranty as to the condition of the vehicle. The buyer must make sure of what is offered for sale, and the purchase is assumed to have ensured that the vehicle is satisfactory in all respects.

All defects and repairs are the sole responsibility of the buyer. The Seller does not assume any other natural or legal person and does not authorize him to assume any responsibility on his behalf in connection with the sale of the vehicle. NTXpowersport`s warranty exclusions do not affect the conditions or applicability of any vehicle manufacturer`s warranty that may apply to the vehicle. In addition, vehicles sold as refurbished or released are not eligible for additional discounts, promotions or free products. Year of manufacture Foreign Vehicle Identification Numbers (VIN) may be one or two years behind the U.S. schedule. If the VIN year is a mandatory part of your purchase decision, you should inform our team for clarification before purchasing the device so that we can meet your needs. NTXpowersport will not issue refunds or accept returns for items related to the year of manufacture. Changes and inaccuraciesntxpowersport is constantly making improvements to our website and we always strive to get the most accurate product information, including item details, prices and images. Sometimes we receive inaccurate information from manufacturers. If you are purchasing something from our website and are concerned that the description may be inaccurate, please contact us before making your purchase.

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All external repair costs (not authorized by ntxpowersport), downtime, towing or shipping costs are not covered by the warranty. Warranty exclusions include:Wheels (tires and rims)Clutches LubricantsKekets Repair/assembly allowed and/or unlicensedStandard parts registration, including (but not limited to): batteries, body parts, brakes, spark plugs, throttle handles, hoses, fuel lines, brake lines, filters, brake and clutch, levers, bulbs, seats and upholsteryThe warranty expires in the following circumstances: Extreme driving, racing or competition ridesVandalism or flightsFire safety; in case of defect or defect ——————————————————————————————————-ntpowersport EXTENDED GARANTIEextended warranty works in the same way as the manufacturer`s warranty and is valid from the date of delivery and ends at the end of the specified extended warranty period.